Join us sundays at 9:30 am


We're so glad you're interested in knowing more about our church family. Hopefully this site is helpful to give you basics about us, but there's no substitute for rubbing shoulders with God's people. We'd love to get to know you!

Here’s what we want you to experience when you meet us:

(If we are doing a poor job of it, please tell us!)

We are not about buildings, budgets, or butts in seats. We are about knowing Jesus and making Him known. Our primary aim is to help others see what we have come to know: God himself is our highest good and greatest joy, and he has made himself fully available to us through Jesus Christ.

Our desire then is that you'll see the sincerity of our love for you in Christ and experience the vitality of a people changed by his grace. In other words, we want you both refreshed and challenged by being around us.

By the way, we also hope that happens when you “attend” a worship gathering with us, but our aim is to BE the Church this way in all places and at all times. We care about your growth in Christlikeness and the advancement of the gospel much more than we care about defining success the way the world does.

Please explore our site to glean more information about who we aim to be as a church and what we believe, as well as how to find us and other resources we want to make available to you.